Buying a New Car Has Never Been This Easy!

A Mobile App that connects clients with top tier automotive sales professionals in their local area and based on previous client reviews.

What is CarHero


Why CarHero


Our Mission

CarHero was founded and built by two true automotive sales professionals with over a decade of sales experience. Our mission is to make the new car purchase experience efficient, fun, friendly and transparent for everyone. The car sales business has one of the worst reputations since the history of time. We are here to reward the amazing hardworking sales pros that care about their clients best interest and connect them with you effortlessly.


Dynamic Live Chat

Tired of annoying chat pop-ups on dealership websites managed by third-party companies that can never answer questions you have on the spot? CarHero lets you chat with any top tier automotive sales pro right through the App all this without sharing your personal contact info with the sales pro unless you choose to after building a relationship and trust. Easily send & receive text, audio, picture and video messages while on the go. CarHero also allows you to make live audio and video calls right through the App for an engaging conversation with your favorite sales pro.

Booking Appointments

Ready to see, touch, feel or drive the car you have been considering or shopping for? CarHero lets you book a showroom appointment request right through the app with your preferred sales pro. Better yet if your busy and always on the go kindly ask your sales pro to bring your test drive experience right to your home or office. 

Coming soon to your favorite mobile device this summer!

CarHero will be launching first with an iOS version and Andriod later this summer.



When I was invited to beta test this app for CarHero I was a little skeptical about how it would work and its purposefulness for clients or potential clients shopping for a car but wow was I ever wrong. CarHero has nailed this on the head. Will be awesome when everyone can get their hands on this

Alexandra C.

- Toronto, ON

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